Remington MB320C Barba Beard Trimmer Cheap !!!

Product Description

Product Description

The Remington MB320C Barba Beard Trimmer delivers a quality grooming experience. It features Advanced Ceramic-coated blades with nine pre-set lengths so you can achieve the look you want.
The Remington Barba Beard Trimmer has advanced ceramic blades
Advanced ceramic blades for hardness and resilience
The Barba beard trimmer has a two year guarantee
The Barba beard trimmer has a pop-up trimmer
The Barba beard trimmer has advanced ceramic coated blades
The Barba's zoom wheel
Select your preferred hair length with the easy to use zoom wheel
The Barba beard trimmer is cord/cordless
Long-lasting Advanced Ceramic-coated blades
Helping in the fight against unwanted hair is the beard trimmer's Advanced Ceramic-coated blades. This coating is infused with Silica, a natural material known for its hardness and resilience. The Silica makes the blades stronger and more long-lasting compared to Remington standard steel blades delivering a professional cutting experience. Additionally, the blades are self-sharpening so there's no need to worry about them losing their cutting quality.
Get the length you want
The Barba has nine pre-set length settings to help you achieve the cutting length you want. These settings range from 1.5 millimetre (mm) for barely-there short stubble up to 18 mm for longer length beards. This means you can style from grade one all the way up to four with ease. Choose setting one (1.5 mm) for stubble or a cropped look, setting three (4 mm) for a short look, setting five (7 mm) for medium length and setting nine (18 mm) for long. Or use any of the other settings to choose your ideal length. For finer detailing such as trimming of the beard line, there's a handy pop-up trimmer.
Choose which length setting you want using the zoom wheel, and to make sure you're still styling to your personal specifications, there's the easy view window which shows the length setting.
Easy to use and care for
The Barba is fitted with Remington's Lube for Life. This feature ensures that the blades will never need oiling throughout the lifetime of the trimmer. So there's no need to worry about oil bottles--the Barba is ready to go without one.
The trimmer has anti-slip rubberised grips to give you complete control so there's no fear of slipping when trimming. While function and finesse also come together in the charge/ recharge indicator so you can quickly check on the status of your trimmer's battery. Charge it for up to 40 minutes cordless cutting time.
The Barba comes with a cleaning brush to keep it in tip top condition. It also comes with a two-year guarantee.

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